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Periodic update of epub/mobi

It's prudent to periodically update WP's epub/mobi to keep up with the latest versions.
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Language tools integration

Language tools is a free open source extension integrating a dictionary, thesaurus, hypenation; and a grammar checker. I use it for Chrome and Libre office and it's really helpful2) the WP Catalan dictionary is buggy. It flags words that are corre...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Text selection: Multiple selection

It would be useful to see WordPerfect select all instances of a search string in a document to let the user see at a glance how often it appears, as well as being able to add, for instance, an appearance or size attribute to all such instances.
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Reset search button in Find and Replace dialog box

The Find and Replace should have a reset search button to avoid inadvertent limitations specified in a previous search.
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Import or link from QP to WP

I am very disappointed that (at least since version X5 that I am aware of), you do not provide a decent import or link function in WP for QP spreadsheets. They come across very messy and require a lot of manual adjustment to make them usable. It i...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

ClearType support improvement

The ClearType support on Windows 10 is not quite good. For some reason, Quattro Pro renders Calibri much better than WordPerfect though.
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Highlight separate items at the same time.

ONE thing that Word does better is it allows for highlighting separate words at the same time (to make Bold or whatever).
Guest 4 months ago in  1

More and Better Card Formats

The amount of page types for Cards is very limited and poor. This needs to be greatly expanded for many of the standard "Greeting" and Holiday cards that are commonly made. It is an easy fix to add these but making each individual user create thei...
Guest 6 months ago in  0


I have been using WORDPERFECT since the 1980s or earlier. I long ago created the TOOLBARS useful to my writing. None of them are the built-in PROPERTY BAR. However, the program always opens with a propterty bar and I always have to close it. Give ...
Guest 2 months ago in  1

Consistent marginspecification across applications

Please see the attached file. Are you telling me that Corel won't accept a wpd file. Incomprehensible!
Guest 5 months ago in  0