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Grammar check needs improvement

In the following sentence, the grammar check did not catch the error. Google Gmail did catch it. "However, this may will most likely mean that you’ll have no lasting connections to the knowledge, and you won’t develop any deep understanding of the...
Brian Sargent 3 days ago in  0

Having to type an apostrophe into a date eg 'June 30, when i type a date in Quattro Pro

I have used Quattro Pro for 30 years I believe. I used to be able to type in the date "June 30" into a cell as text. Now I have to type an apostrophe before each time I type a date into a cell. it's an extraordinary inconvenience, given the number...
Guest about 1 month ago in  1

Why does the help guide not explain how to delete a page break? Why do I have to google this to find out how to do something really damn simple?

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Thomas Reed 17 days ago in  0

My problem is with NCH software, not with Wordperfect. They asked for details of my problem and I didn't save the details... now I have.

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Guest 19 days ago in  0

My previous version of WordPerfect spell check would check the spelling in my 60-80 page documents. The new version will not. It highlights the mispell words, but if I select spell check it gives me the message, 'spell check complete' even though there are misspelled words. Can you fix this.

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Robert Hill about 1 month ago in  0

Check your activation system. Every time I use the program it asks for activation again.

Anyone who is seeing the popup constantly
Guest 22 days ago in  0

The user interface should be updated

The user interface looks good, but outdated. You should update it carefully with the next major release.
Guest 23 days ago in  0

Need WP in 64 Bit version

I am personally working with increasingly large and complex document files due to index codes but primarily due to incorporating numerous digital illustrations directly into the text (I used to print a whole book out and paste in the drawings, but...
Product Operations over 1 year ago in  6 Being explored

Enhance Red Color for Underlineing for Misspelled Words, ETc.

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Guest about 2 months ago in  2

It should not be necessary to close Quattro Pro Help before returning to the spreadsheet.

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Wayne E Stiefvater 2 months ago in  2