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Created by Product Operations
Created on Nov 2, 2021

Need WP in 64 Bit version

I am personally working with increasingly large and complex document files due to index codes but primarily due to incorporating numerous digital illustrations directly into the text (I used to print a whole book out and paste in the drawings, but now I am inserting them right into the text). this is great but WP has a hard time handling these files. I MUST turn off auto-save or WP tends to freeze while auto-saving. this occurs especially if I am typing when the save begins. I manually and frequently save files as I work. I recently upgraded my computer solely in the hope that it would help WP handle these files. I doubled my DDR4 RAM from 16 to 32 GB. I got a new, more sophisticated graphics card which took me from 2 GB on the card to 6. I got a new PCI3 M.2 SSD and that has really made a huge difference in how WP can handle these files. However, on my most dense files it STILL, at times, goes into a second to a few seconds of not responding mode when I manually save. When I do save I cannot do anything else on the keyboard. WP does go back to normal from not responding and does save the file. This problem was happening to a much greater extent prior to these upgrades. Before beginning work, I clear out temp, %temp%, and prefetch files and sometimes I do this a few times a day as well. I am also running WPLook on every file I intend to work on every day, as these files are quite old with ongoing revisions (some started as far back as 1986) so if there are problems I can catch them asap. All that helps. I think it would help a lot too if you would release WP in a 64 bit version, as that would give the app access to more RAM. PLEASE DO THIS FOR US. I have used WP since about 1985. Although I have WORD I do not use it for daily work. I love WP. Please make it so I can continue to use it with these large files. Time to bring WP into the 21st century with 64 Bits. (Word has been available in 64 bit for a while.)

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  • Anne Frye
    Apr 4, 2022

    Just wanted to add that I changed all my images from BMP format to PNG, which are MUCH smaller files. Translation to PNG does not sacrifice any quality. I wanted to post this because others may not know this. Having done this my files are 100s of megabytes smaller and WP is handling these doc files much better, esp. given the hardware upgrades I added as mentioned in my original post. However, I am still not using auto-backup and I am still clearing out temp files, usually at least twice a day. AND I still would like to see a 64 bit version. I am delighted to see that it is being planned!

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