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Display the total number of pages in Application Bar

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Product Operations 7 months ago in  0

Easy way of entering common codes in Find and Replace dialog

The Find and Replace dialog should make it easy to enter the most frequently used codes, such as bold, italics, hard return, hard page, tab, indent, etc. There is surely a way in which such codes could be entered directly with their own keys witho...
Product Operations 7 months ago in  0

Better Excel import

I would really love to have a better import for Excel spreadsheets with conditional formatting. Quattro Pro’s way to format conditionally feels weird to me and all conditional formatting is lost when importing files. (Technically, this could be a ...
Product Operations 7 months ago in  0

Convert Excel Formula Wizard

Similar to a find and replace dialog box, have the ability to copy in an Excel formula and have the formula converted to Quattro Pro format for pasting into QP. For example, if you have a formula in Excel that let you start with AAA in cell A1 ...
Mark Weiland about 1 month ago in  0

Table cell or column not going to 2nd page

Parallel columns with block protect keep each row of columns together. If a column in one row becomes so long that it moves across a page break, the entire row moves to the next page. You can also use tables to create this type of column. For info...
Morris Stout about 1 month ago in  0

Full Wordperfect for Android

Many of us now carry powerful pocket computer phones. I just bought a Samsung Z-Fold, and it would be great to have full WordPerfect on it, as I'd not need to also have bulky laptop PC .
Stephen Masek 5 months ago in  0

Copying from HTML and pasting into WordPerfect

I work in higher education and frequently, I need to copy things from the web. When I copy something from the web and paste it into WordPerfect two things do NOT happen. First, if there is a hyperlink in what I am copying, it does not paste into W...
Product Operations 7 months ago in  2

Larger screen compatibility

**WordPerfect is currently designed for 1080p screens.**This becomes a problem when one uses WordPerfect on a larger screen, like 4K. When used in a larger screen size, WordPerfect's menus and icons become too small.The way to fix this is to chang...
Product Operations 7 months ago in  0

Make this feedback page adaptable for ALL COREL PRODUCTS

Change the dropdown menu under the Corel logo so that all Corel software products can be found there, then the feedback area would switch to the product selected. the same username and password should allow us to get into this global feedback area...
Product Operations 7 months ago in  0

Quattro Pro Page Setup

I'd like to see Quattro Pro mimic WordPerfect’s Page Setup.In QP, to change the page margins, one must type the margins.Upgrade to be like WordPerfect so one can change the page margins using a Spinner control that has a pair of arrow buttons whic...
Product Operations 7 months ago in  0