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Easy way of entering common codes in Find and Replace dialog

The Find and Replace dialog should make it easy to enter the most frequently used codes, such as bold, italics, hard return, hard page, tab, indent, etc. There is surely a way in which such codes could be entered directly with their own keys witho...
Product Operations over 2 years ago in  0

Quattro Pro to run multiple instances at once

I'd like to see Quattro Pro have the ability to run multiple instances, similar to WP.In that way, one spreadsheet could be open on one monitor, and another on another monitor.Multiple monitors are common these days, I have three.
Product Operations over 2 years ago in  0

Make "File" drop-down menu display more than just 9 files.

For years, I wished WP's drop-down "File" menu could display more than just 9 of the last-used files. So, after that menu drops, kindly enable it to open further - but in a horizontal direction. That way it can list much more than just 9 files!
William Sheehan over 1 year ago in  0

Stop truncating the file name display in the title bar and/or or move 'unmodified' to front

My day-to-day WP environment is a 4K display, as I'm sure it is for many users these days. There is lots, and lots, and lots of room on the title bar, but WP still truncates the file name at (what appears to be, but damned if I'm going to manually...
Dale Paus over 1 year ago in  0

Why should I continue using Corel products

Help service Reason to stay away from Corel products. I have a problem with Word Perfect 2021 home and student edition. Your web page says that it supports editing of pdf files but when I try to open a pdf file I get an error message of "Unknown...
Guest over 2 years ago in  3

pdf export no longer works correctly

I am able to export to pdf a complex type setting WordPerfect file in version X7. In the 2021 version of WordPerfect it does not even export (publish) to the pdf. I requested help from Corel and uploaded the file and received a garbage response. P...
Guest over 1 year ago in  0

my background is blue

No description provided
Guest 4 months ago in  2

Date format isn't being saved

At least 2 dozen times in the last 10 days I have corrected the date format in a workbook. Each time I click Save and yet the next time I open this workbook the date format hasn't held. This shouldn't be a constant issue.
Guest 4 months ago in  0

how do I delete a document

No description provided
Guest 4 months ago in  1

Preview documents using up or down arrow

I have started the open document function and gotten a list of files in the target folder. I highlight the first file to see the preview. I want to be able to use the down arrow to preview the next file so I can go through the list to find the fil...
Joseph Schuman 4 months ago in  0