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Created by Bill Stewart
Created on Feb 28, 2024

Need "Keep with next" paragraph formatting option

My WordPerfect usage dates back to WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS. I have been forced (as no doubt many of us have) to use MS Word for various purposes, and I still find that WordPerfect's design is cleaner and simpler, except for one feature: "Keep with next". Sadly, as of 2024, WordPerfect still can't do this automatically from a paragraph style.

The "Block Protect" feature works, but you have to manually apply it to every paragraph that needs it (you can't include it in a paragraph style).

"Conditional End of Page" also does not work from inside a paragraph style.

One of the main purposes of having styles is so that we don't have to format manually. A "Keep with next" feature is one thing we can't automate using a style.

Please add a "Keep with next" paragraph formatting option.

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  • Michael Koenecke
    Mar 16, 2024

    Totally agree: that may be the one thing I prefer about Word versus WordPerfect!