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Created by Dale Paus
Created on Jan 10, 2023

Stop truncating the file name display in the title bar and/or or move 'unmodified' to front

My day-to-day WP environment is a 4K display, as I'm sure it is for many users these days. There is lots, and lots, and lots of room on the title bar, but WP still truncates the file name at (what appears to be, but damned if I'm going to manually count them) 128 characters. I use the Windows' directory structure to organize, and I use descriptive names for both files and directories - so the full path + filename is often over that limit, and gets truncated. That, in turn, means I can't see which version of a file I'm working on (as the Ver# is typically the last part of the filename for ease of editing) AND I also can't see the 'unmodified' flag

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