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PDF importing

When I try to open a PDF or Insert a PDF in Word Perfect the program bombs out. No error message ... acts like I closed the program.
Guest 5 months ago in  0

Stop Annoying Ads by Default

When I agree to get Corel product news, email is fine. You should clearly state ads pop up on the Windows screen. If you want to differentiate yourself from Microsoft, be very clear about how you plan to deliver product news. Most don't want pop-u...
J C 5 months ago in  0

Provide "LOCK" to images such that they cannot be changed or moved by any other editing

When I put graphics on a page, the graphic can still be moved if anchored to a paragraph or jump pages, if locked to page if things are entered above it. Also if the graphic is highlighted to work on it, even using the keyboard arrows can move the...
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

Set file default for Open File command

I set File Type to *.wpd, but the next time I go to open a file, WordPerfect has defaulted back to "*.*", which I almost never want. Let File Type remember my last choice.
Anthony Barcellos about 2 months ago in  0


WordPerfect Office used to come with Bitstream Font Navigator. Then it was limited to Corel Draw, but writers using WordPerfect would also find it useful. Corel should inlude it with WPO, at least as an add-on for a reasonable fee. Thank you.
Product Operations 8 months ago in  1

Highlight Text box code in reveal codes

I have large documents with many text boxes. I use them to insert tables to get a wrap around feature that tables alone do not offer, and I use them for illustrations that I want to the side of text. It would be enormously helpful if, when we put ...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

QP header and footer codes

You often want to place Date or Page information in a header or footer. The Quattro Pro Help files for Headers do not point you to the article that is necessary ("Reference: Formatting spreadsheets"). This should be fixed. The Help file entries "C...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Grid for easier positioning of graphics in WP

No description provided
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Android Version or Viewer

Could we please have a version of WordPerfect for Android, or at least a viewer?
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Support for various types of typographical spaces, better support for French

1. Add support for various types of typographical spaces, such as thin, hair, en, em.2. Make it possible to insert fixed-width hard spaces (supporting Unicode would surely be a great step in this direction).3. When language is set to CF, insert ha...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0