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Created on Oct 24, 2023

Pop-up Function Key Template

I started with WordPerfect DOS version 4.2 . . . so I’ve been using it for about 35 years (now on WP 2021). I love it to death and simply scoff when people say things like “Word is Better” or “I didn’t know that program still exists”. While I may have out of necessity migrated to other software tools such as Excel and Outlook for different applications, I’m not leaving WordPerfect . . ever.

However, I’m somewhat disappointed with the lack of enhancements and the focus of them when they do appear. They overwhelmingly seem to have very narrow focus maybe for power users or certain markets, instead of broad appeal for most of your users. When I see a new version come out, I still buy it - not that I need the newest features, but I believe in supporting the product to keep it alive. But its almost 2024 - the current version is now 3 years old,

The product has some very old roots, and one of those is the use of function keys. I’m not complaining about that particularly . . . its served everyone well for a very long time. But time marches on, fewer and fewer applications use them, and as a result they command less and less real estate on the physical keyboard - and while the keys themselves remain, the real estate for a keyboard template is practically non-existent these days.

We need a new approach . . .

We could completely eliminate the old paper keyboard template if you could replace it with a pop-up template along the bottom of the screen that looked just like the colored paper function key template that long ago ceased to be available anywhere.

It would pop-up as needed just like Reveal Codes does, and disappear the same way. It doesn’t need to be visible most of the time - just when you need it. And it doesn’t require ANY physical keyboard real estate for a paper template. It could have the same keyboard options as are currently available under Setup -> Customize, and for those of us with old eyes, perhaps you could allow us to scale the size of it. Best of all, it would be a feature with appeal to EVERYONE, and certainly a feature I think most would gladly shell out for the cost of a new update - after all we’re at last getting a feature we can all use every day. I no longer have to carry different paper templates for different keyboards (one for my desktop at work, one for my desktop at home, one for my laptop, etc.). It helps bring WordPerfect into the new age easily and painlessly. And when buying a new keyboard, I am no longer constrained by whether or not it has room for my WP keyboard template.

Same great program, easily ported to the new century, with no learning curve or re-training necessary!!

Please guys and gals . . . its time.

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  • Joseph Schuman
    Dec 11, 2023

    I think the pop-up would be nice. But don't expect me to stop using the paper one. I'll find someplace for it. For my Apple keyboard, I print it on heavy paper and tape the bottom above the function keys so the template sticks out above it.