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Per-Monitor DPI

Windows 10 has made per-monitor-DPI more critical for multiple monitor setups - make all apps have full support to allow all windows to scale and render correctly
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

PerfectScript: Direct help for macro commands

For years macro writers have had to rely on macros contributed by posters on the WordPerfect Universe forum. A command should be added that displays the help topic for the PerfectScript or WordPerfect command under the cursor or that is selected.
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Easier way to add conditional formatting in QP

My personal favorite spreadsheet feature still needs a way to be used without macros. Quattro Pro should get a dialog similar to what Excel and PlanMaker do, allowing users to set colors and shades of any cell depending on the contents of any othe...
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

AI assisted spelling/grammar tools

Similar to grammarly, it would be great to see an enhancement to WordPerfect spelling/grammar tools. Features could include: spelling/grammar, predictive writing, scoring, readability.
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

WordPerfect Locks up after about 2 minutes. When I try to save a file, it locks up I have a banner at the top of the file and its blinks real fast. I am going crazy trying to fix it. What can I do

I told you what is happening.
William Rohler 3 months ago in  0

Set file default for Open File command

I set File Type to *.wpd, but the next time I go to open a file, WordPerfect has defaulted back to "*.*", which I almost never want. Let File Type remember my last choice.
Anthony Barcellos 4 months ago in  0

Make it Fit is not shrinking document

All Users would benefit.
Guest 7 months ago in  2

I Want an Apple Silicon M1 Version of Word Perfect

I have long used Word Perfect under Boot Camp on Apple MacBook Pros and iMacs. With Apple's change to the "Silicon" M1, Pro and Max Chips, Boot Camp will not be available. Parallel's is insufferable. I want a new MacBook Pro loaded to the Max... 4...
Guest 7 months ago in  0

BUG Report in table formatting

I am creating a table in WP2021. When i choose to modify a cell border it keeps switching it back to what it was. I am using the table border boxes in the property bar. This is very frustrating and not working at all like it did in previous versio...
Anne Frye 8 months ago in  1


I have been using WORDPERFECT since the 1980s or earlier. I long ago created the TOOLBARS useful to my writing. None of them are the built-in PROPERTY BAR. However, the program always opens with a propterty bar and I always have to close it. Give ...
Guest 4 months ago in  1