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Opentype & Ligatures

**Wordperfect does not support ligatures or other open-type features.** Other programs however, have support for these features and characters.The addition of ligatures and open-type features would increase the Wordperfect's design and text capabi...
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Add copy, cut and paste tools directly to image tools

Please add copy box, cut box and paste box directly to the drop-down menu for images. Screenshot attached. Where it says, drawing object, delete box, select box, edit box, etc. I would like to see copy box, cut box, and paste box added. As it is, ...
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Allow Editing of index terms list

Allow us to get in and delete, correct spelling, etc. for the list of index codes for the main heading and the subheadings. It seems like that used to be easy to do and now I can't figure out how. There should be a little button in the reference t...
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Allow us to somehow move an embedded INDEX code

Within reveal codes, allow us to select and relocate an index code. We can now click on it and drag it but it snaps back to where it was. We cannot actually relocate it.
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Make Spell checker work on index codes

Please create a way for spellchecker to access and correct words in embedded index codes.
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Return to list of comments from this post window

Right now, we have to exit and log back in to get back to the comments list from this create post thing. Very frustrating! The list should be easily accessed from here. The return thing up by my picture just takes us out of this page completely to...
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Make logging into this page more straightforward

Just have a log in slot like everyone else. I had to contact tech support to understand the very cryptic log in process for this feedback page
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Allow editing of Index codes in reveal codes

Please allow us to manually edit index codes within reveal codes. Right now, index codes are static, locked. We must completely delete and recreate them to change them. This is very cumbersome.
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Antidote and 2 versions of WP on same computer use

I use Antidote, the standard French language grammar/spell checker. I can't really use it because the software doesn't work properly when there are 2 different versions of WP on the same computer. I have to deinstall 1 for Antidote to work. That's...
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Companion (i.e., teaching) Guide

Other programs, such as Family Tree Maker, include a "Companion Guide" (i.e., a teaching guide to the program's functions) as a PDF file on the installation disks. The Help function is fine, but you have to know what you are looking for. There rea...
Product Operations 10 months ago in  1