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Created on May 2, 2023

Having to type an apostrophe into a date eg 'June 30, when i type a date in Quattro Pro

I have used Quattro Pro for 30 years I believe.

I used to be able to type in the date "June 30" into a cell as text. Now I have to type an apostrophe before each time I type a date into a cell. it's an extraordinary inconvenience, given the number of times I now have to be in an apostrophe. Here is what your experts told me.

On Mon, May 1, 2023 at 10:45 AM Second Level Support <> wrote me:
This is due to a user requested design change in Quattro Pro which increased its ability to recognize dates when they're entered.

In the case of "June 30" format, you've been relying on Quattro Pro not recognizing the entry as a date, and instead interpreting them as a label (text string). In effect, the older version was automatically putting the single quote (') in front of your dates for you. I understand the appeal of this visually. It also limits functionality by preventing sorting by date and date-based calculations.

While it's annoying, if you want dates to behave as they did before, dates must be entered as 'June 30, with the single quote. I cannot change that for you. END QUOTE

I have zero interest in subtracting one date from another date. But making that fix has for me anyway made my problem way worse than what it was before.

Please return it to the old way which you have for close to 30 years so that if I type in "June 30" this will not be flipped into "30-June-2023". I suspect the vast number of your users would prefer this, the way it was for decades. With great respect this is the type of change which could cause you to lose subscribers to your program as it is the kind of thing that a ton of users of QPro might want to use from time to time. Way more than the number of your users which want to subtract dates or other similar wishes.

Thank you

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  • Frank Reibold
    May 2, 2023

    You are right. Setting the number format to "Text" doesn't help.