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The program corrupted several large documents and will not let me access them until I send them $50. I never even signed up or used the program,it was some 21 day offer I ignored. third world bs,typical.

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Guest 6 months ago in  0

Major problems of Tables inside columns

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Guest 6 months ago in  0

ad for new version over-rides NYT puzzle

I've recently upgraded my WP to 2021 - Ads to upgrade now conflict with my subscription service to NYT - I tried to input the 30+ digit serial number to inform WP that I've already bought it -- this wasn't accepted - how can I suppress your ad?
Guest 6 months ago in  0

BUG Report in table formatting

I am creating a table in WP2021. When i choose to modify a cell border it keeps switching it back to what it was. I am using the table border boxes in the property bar. This is very frustrating and not working at all like it did in previous versio...
Anne Frye 6 months ago in  1

More and Better Card Formats

The amount of page types for Cards is very limited and poor. This needs to be greatly expanded for many of the standard "Greeting" and Holiday cards that are commonly made. It is an easy fix to add these but making each individual user create thei...
Guest 6 months ago in  0

Full Wordperfect for Android

Many of us now carry powerful pocket computer phones. I just bought a Samsung Z-Fold, and it would be great to have full WordPerfect on it, as I'd not need to also have bulky laptop PC .
Stephen Masek 6 months ago in  0

I need list of perfect authority statute reporter abbreviations, so I can insert in my docs

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Guest 7 months ago in  0

Compare documents automatically

The only way I know how to compare documents is to create a new document and then hit compare. Otherwise you have to make each change by going to font and hit redline or strikeout. For long documents this is tedious. Two documents is better but wo...
David Hirsh 7 months ago in  0

My spell check is not working on WordPerfect 2021? How do I fix it?

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Guest 7 months ago in  1

Organizational Chart in WP 2021 displaying incorrectly

Organizational chart displays text outside of boxes. While building the chart, it appears to be functionally correct, but when it goes into a WP document, the text shows outside the box. It works correctly in WP X9, but not in WP 2021. My email ad...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0