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Created by Dave Seitman
Created on Apr 2, 2024

Too many instances of spreadsheets getting corrupted

Over the years (at least for 15 years), I've wondered why some of my spreadsheets (and the macros which operate on them) crash unexpectedly. I've now convinced myself (there are a number of entries from my in the WPU forums) of some specific causes for the corruption.

The worst corruption is caused when the actual memory required (for a named cell or object) exceeds what the internal metrics have allocated. Overwriting one or two bytes o data doesn't cause an immediate crash, but over time, various anomalies will appear (incorrect formatting, for instance) and eventually, the file will become unusable.

The worst cause of this problem is seen when using a <Ctrl><Enter> key sequence to enter a new line in a cell. Although this is a technique seen in the Help files, it is disastrous!!! Change the cell to a text string and use &@CHAR(10)& to cause a new line is much safer.

However, there seems to be additional reasons for crashing. I've found that importing certain graphics also corrupts the file.

This is very frustrating, and I'm sure the frequent crashes has turned away many users over the years. In fact, the file doesn't have to crash to turn a user away - if it acts erratically, that is reason enough.

I recently had a macro which didn't function properly. The cure was to reboot the entire machine. Another time, I noticed that my @DOLLAR function didn't work for negative numbers. It seems a recent crash messed up the QPro operating system, as I needed to uninstall and reinstall the entire WPO suite in order to revert back to normal operations.

This is NOT acceptable for a major provider of word processing and spreadsheet software.

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  • Andrew B Neill
    Apr 23, 2024

    Qhattro Pro, going back has always been unstable with maverick behaviours.

    v X3 was bad, v is the worst. Is there an update or patch?

    One crash caused a file to become what looked like a graphic image and no cells were accessible..

    Apart from crashes, gremlins changing styles and cell formats is pathetic.

    I now have a file that when opened has a bug filling empty cells with fill colour.

    Please advise or I have to be humiliated and move to Excel.