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Divide page into two halves

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Guest 5 months ago in  1

Need outside editing software for a large document

I just want something to help me with proofreading and editing. Apps like grammarly and prowriting app work everywhere but Wordperfect. Is there a good outside editing app that works with Wordperfect? (I hate grammatik.)
Guest 6 months ago in  1

I like, user friendly and easy to use.

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Guest 6 months ago in  0

WP Code to Time Stamp Last Modified

I need a WP code that allows me to track the modification of documents by placing a time stamp in the document (body or header/footer) that would show the last date and time the document was changed. It should allow formatting the same as the vari...
Bart Cannistra 7 months ago in  0

Quattro Pro cut me off at 256 columns; supposed to be 18,000+ columns

Quattro Pro cut me off at 256 columns but is supposed to allow 18,000+ columns in a spreadsheet. Tech support provided a fix that did not work. I reinstalled WP Office and it did not fix the QP problem. My spreadsheet, with years of work and criti...
Guest 7 months ago in  1

Saving in MS Word format erased table

Today is August 2nd, 2023. Upon saving a WordPerfect document with a table in MSWord format, I found that a table at the top had been erased. Anyone else having this problem?
Guest 7 months ago in  2

Quatro Pro tab navigation. Missing button

The tabs control at the bottom left corner of the spreadsheet does not provide a button fot a fast returm to the first tab. I think this would be a great correction,
Guest 8 months ago in  0

Grammar check needs improvement

In the following sentence, the grammar check did not catch the error. Google Gmail did catch it. "However, this may will most likely mean that you’ll have no lasting connections to the knowledge, and you won’t develop any deep understanding of the...
Brian Sargent 9 months ago in  0

Why does the help guide not explain how to delete a page break? Why do I have to google this to find out how to do something really damn simple?

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Thomas Reed 10 months ago in  1

My problem is with NCH software, not with Wordperfect. They asked for details of my problem and I didn't save the details... now I have.

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Guest 10 months ago in  0