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Larger screen compatibility

**WordPerfect is currently designed for 1080p screens.**This becomes a problem when one uses WordPerfect on a larger screen, like 4K. When used in a larger screen size, WordPerfect's menus and icons become too small.The way to fix this is to chang...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Make this feedback page adaptable for ALL COREL PRODUCTS

Change the dropdown menu under the Corel logo so that all Corel software products can be found there, then the feedback area would switch to the product selected. the same username and password should allow us to get into this global feedback area...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Quattro Pro Page Setup

I'd like to see Quattro Pro mimic WordPerfect’s Page Setup.In QP, to change the page margins, one must type the margins.Upgrade to be like WordPerfect so one can change the page margins using a Spinner control that has a pair of arrow buttons whic...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Add Small Caps to the property bar

WP 2020 has subscript and superscript on the property bar. Please add small caps too. there is plenty of room. I have tried adding it myself, which is possible, but I can't get it to work like the preinstalled ones do. I have to highlight the text...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Word-wrap around tables

I would LOVE it if you would add word-wrap capability around tables. As it is I have to insert a table into a text box to gain access to word-wrap. This just makes for more complex coding and seems completely unnecessary. Please add this feature!!...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

New and improved content (templates, macros, images, etc)

We'd like to see WordPerfect shipping with more/newer content including templates, macros, clipart, etc.Please put your specific idea/requests in the comments as to which and what content you'd like to have.
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Moving individual pages around

Scrivner a wordprocessing program for novelists has many interesting features. One of them is the ability to move individual pages
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

List of WordPerfect limitations

A list of all the limitations (number of characters in a concordance entry, number of rows in a table, length of index entries, etc.) should be made available and updated with each new version. There is a user-contributed list on [WordPerfect Univ...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  2

Zotero integration

Students and professors in academia use Zotero. A lot of them have lobbied the programmers. They refused and got very very testy to the point told the users to code their own.
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Overhaul of the indexing module

1. Make it possible to search for index codes by their content and enable editing of such codes.(instead of having to recreate them from scratch when spotting a mistake).2. Allow the use of attributes such as italics in the index codes; this is es...
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0