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Created by Anne Frye
Created on Jul 28, 2022

Need to vastly improve tech support options/response time

When I first started using WP in the mid-1980s, tech support was provided over the phone and completely free of charge. This was a godsend for me, as I was just learning computing. 35 years later I am still devoted to WP as my primary word processor (I am a writer of textbooks). Today, your tech support is inadequate to say the least. Although recently I was able to reach a phone support agent without a problem, they could not actually help me and created an email that supposedly got sent to tech support. Something I can certainly do myself. This was well over a week ago and I have yet to hear anything back. Many customers, Im sure, are like me, they use WP in their business. When we contact tech support we need meaningful and timely support. Not whenever you can bother to get around to it, but promptly, preferably immediately. As for myself, when I contact you I have exhausted all my usual fix-it options and need more advanced support. Now, it just so happens that in my case, while (still) waiting to hear back from you, I discovered that you have once again included an install repair option (which was removed in a previous version when i checked then) and the install repair tool seems to have cleared up my recent issue. That notwithstanding, PLEASE provide us with meaningful support in the following ways:

EASY ways to reach a human, either by chat or phone.

The option of phone support with remote access options.

Chat sessions that allow the agent to come on our computer remotely and call us, if necessary or we request that they do so, to troubleshoot a problem or perform complex, possibly risky tasks that consumers rarely perform (like making registry changes),

Always allow all agents to call us back if we get disconnected. In the chat option, get a chat service that allows the chat window to move from window to window and to reload if it gets accidently closed (Corsair has such a chat tool and it is GREAT) It is very frustrating to contact you, wait in line and get into a session only for the call/chat to get dropped and not be able to reach the same agent again, necessitating starting over for both parties.

Consistency of support, with one agent following the case until the matter is resolved.

If necessary, make this a pay-per-issue service (taking into consideration whether the problem is a program bug or something else), or offer us a yearly subscription service for tech support.


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  • Guest
    Sep 7, 2022

    You are so correct.

    We have not received any answer at the phone number. It picks up, connects to support, plays music for 8 minutes than goes dead.

    I then tried to start a chat, but no agent ever picked it up!!!

    I too send an email, and am still waiting for my response.