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Vertical Page ruler (as in other word processors)

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Product Operations over 1 year ago in  1

PerfectScript: Various suggestions for improvement

**Correction of long-standing bugs or limitations, among others:**1. Fix WP9 text selection problem.2. Difficulty or impossibility of using WPChars and attributes in the various types of message boxes, prompts, etc.3. Stack overflow error when an ...
Product Operations over 1 year ago in  0

Navigation to previous/next directory

Tto move back one level in the hierarchy, WordPerfect forces one to click on the button with tooltip "Go back one folder level" to the right of "Look in:" in directory windows. This should behave as in Windows, i.e., by either using the Alt+left/r...
Product Operations over 1 year ago in  0

Expansion of find and replace capabilities and regular expressions

Word Perfect's Find and Replace module is in great need of expansion. Here are a few suggestions:1. Possibility of searching for letters, numbers, punctuations, and various combinations of such.2. Adding regular expressions (as in Microsoft Word) ...
Product Operations over 1 year ago in  0

Work with Hotdocs

There is a problem involving one of the interacting legal softwares we use called "Hotdocs". We can currently import from Hotdocs direct into templates (legal documents actually, such as from court filing documents, stipulations etc). I think the ...
Product Operations over 1 year ago in  0

how do i merge cells in a bolumn

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Guest 9 months ago in  0

remove page and unwanted lines

I want to eliminate a page. How do I do it? Also, an unwanted horizontal line intrudes. I can't access it and it follows when I copy the page. How does one eliminate it?
Guest 9 months ago in  0

Fix it so as a OC member I do not need to sign up, set new pwd etc here

None neded
Roy Lewis 9 months ago in  0

WordPerfect Locks up after about 2 minutes. When I try to save a file, it locks up I have a banner at the top of the file and its blinks real fast. I am going crazy trying to fix it. What can I do

I told you what is happening.
William Rohler 9 months ago in  0

Set file default for Open File command

I set File Type to *.wpd, but the next time I go to open a file, WordPerfect has defaulted back to "*.*", which I almost never want. Let File Type remember my last choice.
Anthony Barcellos 9 months ago in  0