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Created by Anne Frye
Created on Jul 29, 2022

Glitchy WP2021 update dated 7/28/2022

I just installed the most recent update to WP2021. A few things happened. the notice window popped up at first. I decided to update windows 10 Pro first. Then I opened WP and went to help>check for updates and a blank window popped up. It would not load the update. I closed WP, reopened it and the same thing happened. I restarted the computer and was able to get the check for updates tool to work correctly. When the update was found, a partial window popped up that only showed me the lower lefthand corner of the window (using a 4K monitor set to 150%). When this occurs (and it also occurs in spellchecker when checking linked spelling lists) there is no way to enlarge the window. Neither the sides nor the corner can be pulled to enlarge the box. Very annoying. I was able to click on the side of the button to get to the update and the full update window appeared. I was able to complete the update. However, there was no instruction regarding whether to keep WP open during the install (I guess it doesn't matter), and then the popup window in WP was blank again, and would not go away. It would close to reveal the open update window behind it, which would not close and when I tried the blank window appeared again. I went into task manager to close WP before rebooting. Now WP has opened normally. I have not tried opening a file. Just reporting this because seems like the update process could use some tech support. I am hoping that my WP updated ok. Also FYI I had run the repair install tool yesterday I think, which I will do on a regular basis from now on as part of my regular maintanence.

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