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Overhaul of the indexing module

1. Make it possible to search for index codes by their content and enable editing of such codes.(instead of having to recreate them from scratch when spotting a mistake).2. Allow the use of attributes such as italics in the index codes; this is es...
Product Operations over 1 year ago in  0

Glitchy WP2021 update dated 7/28/2022

I just installed the most recent update to WP2021. A few things happened. the notice window popped up at first. I decided to update windows 10 Pro first. Then I opened WP and went to help>check for updates and a blank window popped up. It would...
Anne Frye 6 months ago in  0

Go To dialog should auto-close on goto.

Provide an option for the Go To dialog box (Edit > Go To) to automatically close when Go To is clicked or Enter is pressed. This a) prevents the dialog from covering screen space and b) allows keyboard users to easily reset the state of the Go ...
Guest 3 months ago in  0

Need clean uninstall and clean install option/need repair installation option as well

Right now, and for several weeks, WP2021 has been crashing increasingly often when I work on files. It has gotten to the point that I open a file and as soon as I start to do anything it crashes. I am waiting to hear from tech support. I probably ...
Anne Frye 7 months ago in  3

Programming Libraries

Create libraries in various programming languages so developers can support WordPerfect in their products. I traded e-mails with Nam-Quang from DocFetcher and he said he is willing to add WordPerfect Office as a supported document format; however,...
Mark Weiland 4 months ago in  0

QuickFinder Server

QuickFinder is powerful and impressive; however, it is slow when searching for files on a remote/hosted file server. Make a server version of QuickFinder that gives multi-user and remote-access support to QuickFinder file indexes. QuickFinder Serv...
Mark Weiland 4 months ago in  0

QuickFinder Manager add support for Cloud Drives

Creating file indexes for cloud drives is extremely slow (can take days). Some cloud drives, like Google Drive, have an API that would speed up the search.
Mark Weiland 4 months ago in  0

Split Screen

You need to have the "split screen" capability that MS Word offers - you can have two portions of the same document open at the same time.
Guest 7 months ago in  0

Bookmark - Viable but Not Printed (and doesn't take up space)

When drafting documents (especially legal documents), I like to have internal notes with sections, so if I have another idea, I know where to put it so it is surrounded by similar themed ideas. For example, I may have a list of questions, one sect...
Guest 7 months ago in  0

SSMS add-in Allowing Export to Paradox or Quattro Pro

Create an Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) add-in to export result sets, one or multiple tables or the whole database to Paradox or Quattro Pro files. Perhaps work with a developer like Mladen Prajdic and his SSMS Tools Pack to see if...
Mark Weiland 4 months ago in  1