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Insert Symbol problem with update

The Insert symbol before update would show your recent symbols used. Since update that function nolonger occurs. It was very helpful especially with foreign language symbols that are blocked by the other ALT key functions of Wordperfect.
Guest 4 months ago in  0

Need to vastly improve tech support options/response time

When I first started using WP in the mid-1980s, tech support was provided over the phone and completely free of charge. This was a godsend for me, as I was just learning computing. 35 years later I am still devoted to WP as my primary word process...
Anne Frye 4 months ago in  1

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Capability

The most glaringly absent function in WordPerfect is Optical Character Recognition (OCR). That “other company” has its OneNote and there are laterally “oodles” of others available, some free and some not. My personal favorite right now is the SNAG...
Product Operations about 1 year ago in  1 Being explored

Dark Mode

The UI in WordPerfect should have the ability to go full dark mode.
Product Operations about 1 year ago in  0

How about updating the Avery label numbers

No description provided
Guest 6 months ago in  1

Need an intermediate size option for toolbar icons

Small icons are too small, and large icons are too large. We need an intermediate size option (think "Goldilocks and the Three Bear." Thank you.
Guest 4 months ago in  0

I was told to get support it would be done by email, not voice which is a change. that is poor proceedure.

I was told to get support it would be done by email, not voice which is a change. that is poor procedure.
Guest 5 months ago in  0

SSMS add-in Allowing Export to Paradox or Quattro Pro

Create an Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) add-in to export result sets, one or multiple tables or the whole database to Paradox or Quattro Pro files. Perhaps work with a developer like Mladen Prajdic and his SSMS Tools Pack to see if...
Mark Weiland about 2 months ago in  1

Why should I continue using Corel products

Help service Reason to stay away from Corel products. I have a problem with Word Perfect 2021 home and student edition. Your web page says that it supports editing of pdf files but when I try to open a pdf file I get an error message of "Unknown...
Guest 11 months ago in  3

2 languages depending on the paragraph determined automatically

In Microsoft Outlook or Word, I can have both English and Spanish. It seems to read through to see what the paragraph is and then defaults to that language for spelling and grammar. I am bilingual and prefer to have both languages in documents. Am...
Guest about 2 months ago in  0