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Display the character count in the application bar.

Often you are allowed only so many characters when completing an online form. I type the rough draft in WP. It would be nice to have fast access to the character count.
Product Operations 7 months ago in  0

Watccom compatibiliy for writing

I'd like to be able to use a Watcom tablet as an alternative to a keyboard especially in light of portable with detachable keybaord/touchscreens. Sometimes I find writing by hand less annoying compared to a keyboard sometimes
Product Operations 7 months ago in  0

File save-as Mobi

Just an fyi, there is no equivalent option in "file save" to save as a mobi file (the ultimate target format), Your engineers are working on the problem with epub and hopefully also mobi?.
Product Operations 7 months ago in  0

German translation

Please translate the product for German audiences.
Product Operations 7 months ago in  0

Better integration with Dragon

Corel and Nuance (Dragon speech recognition) need to work more closely together. Its probably Nuance's fault, but I can't move beyond WPX8 because Dragon Professional Individual 15, coming out before X9 and 2020, does not have "Select & Say" c...
Product Operations 7 months ago in  1

Better integration of Macros

Speaking of multiple versions, in WP, macros don't integrate well, they will be sent to the 1st instance.I'd like a macro program that will work on the active instance, i.e., the one that has focus at the time the macro is invoked.(And similarly f...
Product Operations 7 months ago in  0