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Created by Dave Seitman
Created on Apr 20, 2023

BLOCKCOPY does not work properly & it causes internal corruption of the spreadsheet

Issue #1: According to the HELP file, the first optional parameter (<ModelCopy?(0|1)> defaults to 0, so when I use a "1", all the other optional parameters (which default to "1") should now be active. However, this to be incorrect. One needs to explicitly specify these other options (even though their default values are supposed to be "1".

Issue #2: When Blockcopy is used on cells which contain @CHAR(10) or an <Alt><Enter> key sequence to display multiple lines, it introduces corruption which eventually leads to a non-functional spreadsheet. The immediate consequence is that the formatting of the cells is changed from their default to Horizontal = Center, Vertical = Bottom, and no Text Wrap (if Text Wrap was in the original format). Eventually the corrupted cells show other abnormalities, such as changes to the background color, and the inabililty to save the resulting file.

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