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Created on May 1, 2022

Provide "LOCK" to images such that they cannot be changed or moved by any other editing

When I put graphics on a page, the graphic can still be moved if anchored to a
paragraph or jump pages, if locked to page if things are entered above it.
Also if the graphic is highlighted to work on it, even using the keyboard arrows
can move the graphic. I would like a feature that when I add a graphic to a
document, I can lock all of the characteristics of the graphic, including what
page it is on and it's location on the page so that any form of editing will
not move or change the graphic box. I accept that I have to go through an
additional step to alter the graphic, by unlocking the box.

In example I attached. Almost anything I do to enlarge the frame around fig 23,
or clean up the positioning of fig 24 to align with the related paragraph
pushes figure 27 to the next page. These I would like to lock and then
just worry about the text formatting.
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  • Anne Frye
    Jul 13, 2022

    this is a good idea as long as we can unlock an image if necessary.