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Created by Morris Stout
Created on Apr 16, 2022

Table cell or column not going to 2nd page

Parallel columns with block protect keep each row of columns together. If a column in one row becomes so long that it moves across a page break, the entire row moves to the next page. You can also use tables to create this type of column. For information about working with tables, see Working with tables. Going to Tables shows "Working with tables " Tables let you organize data in rows and columns of cells. Tables can contain text or graphics and can be formatted. You can use tables to present lists, schedules, financial data, comparisons, and summaries.

In this section, you'll find these topics: I have searched many of the topics but could find none which describe an action like "Column-Block-Protect.

For detailed information about the available table functions, see Reference: WordPerfect table functions. I found nothing in this reference either.

I would suggest that the links be updated to go to the specific item that is referenced in a help article or at least describe the correct link path in the help article.

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