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Created on Mar 3, 2022

WordPerfect - Creating a Calendar - Clip Board & Color Schemes

Clip Board should retain the color(s) when copying and pasting. For some unexplained reason it changes the color making pasting unreliable. RE: Color Schemes - When trying to change one word in a calendar to another color, WordPerfect 2021 changes every word in the calendar to a completely different color???

Corel Agent told me that this in "Normal", that copying to the clip board doesn't retain the color(s) when pasting! How can this be? After pasting one has to go back and "try" to manually change the color...but it doesn't always work as while trying to chane one color the entire calendar colors change. WordPerfect 2021 is useless in it's current release.

WordPerfect Office 2000 Professional was much more reliable what happened???

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  • Frank Reibold
    Mar 4, 2022

    You can usually copy & paste coloured text. And changing one word usually doesn't change other words.

    Notice that the "Monthly Calendar" expert uses styles. Those style use the "automatically update style when changed in document" feature. Therefore, in this case all the weeekdays use the same colour when you change the colour of say Monday.

    Use Reveal Codes to turn that behaviour off.