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Created by Mark Weiland
Created on Feb 6, 2022

Replace the BDE

Replace the Borland Database Engine (formerly IDAPI) with a database engine that is actively developed or switch to using ODBC and/or ADO.

Paradox is great for saving snapshot data from a SQL database (remote or local). However, BDE fails to recognize some new field types of MS SQL Server. For example, BDE does not support the nvarchar and ntext types. Fields of these types are unavailable for Paradox queries.

Replacing the database engine will enhance Quattro Pro’s ability to query external databases and expand the number of import formats for spreadsheets and databases that WordPerfect can handle.

Replacing the database engine will make the WordPerfect Professional Suite relevant and open a new market for users and companies that want to query or report on their remote data.

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