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WordPerfect Office Ideas Portal
Created by Product Operations
Created on Nov 2, 2021

Lots of various requests

1.Improve searching functionality:a. Allow WordPerfect and QuickFinder to save searches.b. Allow WordPerfect and QuickFinder to do proximity searching (e.g. word1 within five words of word2).c. Allow WordPerfect and QuickFinder to do NOT searching (e.g., word1 NOT word2).2.Improve Comments functionality:a.Display full comments -- and not just initials and colors -- in page views, not just draft view.b.Allow multiple users to share and resolve comments.c.Make comments part of document review features.d.Include comment text in comment information dialog box.3.Allow Dropbox or Google Drive or iCloud (or some other service) to store, edit, comment, share and synchronize WPO documents.4.Make template dialog box searchable via descriptions, key words, etc.5.Allow property bars and toolbars to be hidden and redisplayed with one click.6.Allow WordPerfect document tabs at top, left and right.7.Give WordPerfect users the option of making or NOT making all actions sticky. Many actions are sticky that should not be.8.Give WordPerfect users the option of suppressing the automatic file naming feature when saving a new document.a. Relatedly, change the automatic file name to include only the first (usually, the title) sentence of text, NOT any characters from the next sentence.9.Update the WordPerfect writing tools:a. Improve the thesaurus, which has only a fraction of the synonyms that it should contain.b. Improve the spell checker and dictionary to include neologisms from the last 20 years.c. Give the grammar checker its own dialog box. The powerful checking styles and analysis features need to be made much more obvious.10.All WordPerfect to have a reverse indent, not just a back tab.11.Allow WordPerfect to display videos (presumably within a WP box), not just as a hyperlink or object icon.12.Allow WordPerfect integration with Zotero, Mendeley, Citation and Endnote software.13.Make icons at least 32x32 and preferably 128x128.14.Add checkbox to WordPerfect page numbering dialog box to suppress numbering of the first page.15.Redesign WordPerfect Styles editor, which is currently very confusing.16.Introduce OpenType feature support into WordPerfect.17.Allow table quickfill for numeric and text ordinals (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., or First, Second, Third, etc.) and for text cardinals(One, Two, Three, etc.).18.Allow standard date format of "[ordinal] day of [month], [year]."19.Upgrade eBook creation to eBook version 3.2.20.Change WordPerfect sorting key names from "Alpha" and "Numeric" to "Text" and "Numbers," respectively, to avoid confusion.21.Simplify table filtering functionality; current dialog is very confusing.22.Allow WordPerfect table formulas to propagate to Quattro Pro and Excel.23.Allow deletion of all codes of a particular type through Reveal Codes. For example, right click a BOLD ON code and have an option to delete all BOLD codes.24.Allow WordPerfect to OCR scanned, inserted images, not just during PDF file import.25.Allow creation of inline footnotes, i.e., footnotes on the same line.26.Update WordPerfect templates, most (all?) of which haven't changed since the 1990s:a. Update the APA report template to APA version 6.b. Create a Chicago report template, version 16.27.Change cursor to thick black box when in Typeover mode.28.Change Find and Replace dialog to be more intuitive. MS Word's dialog (with "more" options selected is well done. You could change the "Special" button to "Codes."29.Allow text boxes to be linked, not just grouped.30.Make virtually all dialog boxes larger, allow them to be anchored at top/bottom/left/right, and allow them to be dynamically enlarged or reduced in size.31.Allow outline families to be moved from the document map, not just the outline property bar.32.Allow WordPerfect to create a split screen of a single document, not just a second read-only copy.33.Improve document review functionality:a. Allow reviewers to separately review comments, formatting changes and insertions/deletions categories.b. Allow authors to accept or reject comments, formatting changes and insertions/deletions categories.c. Allow authors to accept or reject formatting changes, not just insertions/deletions.d. Allow users the option not to print document review elements.34.Release Lightning Viewer -- not the navigator or note tools -- as free WordPerfect file viewer. (Alternatively, charge a nominal fee.)35.Include a thumbnail view for WordPerfect documents.36.Allow multiple toolbars on a single row.

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