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Created by Product Operations
Created on Nov 2, 2021

Program occasionally does not respond

I am an author. I write novels and autosave as frequently as I can. However there are times that Word Perfect hangs up and says "not responding". At that point I can't type, I can't save what I have typed and often the frequent autosaves do not get all my content backed up when this non-responding message occurs. From what I can tell this occurs due to something going on in the background over which I have no control. My son, a computer programmer, checked the debugging files and said it looked as if WP was checking with a server to make sure the program was legally licensed and /or only being used on one computer. If this is the case, how do you stop that from happening while the computer is in actual use? BTW, it is legally licensed and I am only using it on one computer. Can I schedule that background check to happen when I am not actively using the program? Is there anyway to salvage the data I lost between the last autosave and the program freezing (and no, it is not in a Temp folder, I looked). Waiting for the program to respond does not work, been there, tried that. I basically have to get out of the program and reopen it and then go to the file I was working on. Because I type fast, I have often lost up to half a page of text. This is something that has happened over the years I have used WP (since 1985 or so). I like WP on the whole for its ease of use, but this program nonresponding issue is happening all too often lately. I'd appreciate any help on this issue.

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  • Robert Harms
    Feb 8, 2022

    The same thing happens to me occasionally. I have to go to Windows 10 Pro Taks Manager to end the program and then re-start WP2021. I just re-started WP and opened the same document I was working on, and after about 30 seconds the program stopped responding again! Please help!