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Created by Product Operations
Created on Nov 2, 2021

Consider space/hard space and hyphen/hyphen code equivalent in Find and Replace operations

For professional-looking documents, it is essential that "p.[space]25" be transformed in "p.[hard space]25". Abbreviations requiring this treatment include ca., chap./chaps., no./nos., op./opp., p./pp., vol./vols., etc. However, when searching a document for "p." followed by what looks like a space, one has to use the exact representation of the space to avoid a "not found" error. This is highly problematic, because the user will conclude that the string does not exist and will draw wrong conclusions. The same goes for instances of "34[hyphen]35" and "34[hyphen code]34".Therefore, it would be very useful if WordPerfect let us specify, in both operations in a document and macros, if both possibilities are to be considered equivalent. After all, the ASCII apostrophe (**'**)and the typographical one (**’**; character 4,28) and the quotation marks are already so treated. In the latter case, the chosen language is taken into account, which means that the ASCII quote (**"**; character 0,34) will find French quotation marks "**«**" and "**»**".

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