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Created by Product Operations
Created on Nov 2, 2021

PerfectScript: Various suggestions for improvement

**Correction of long-standing bugs or limitations, among others:**1. Fix WP9 text selection problem.2. Difficulty or impossibility of using WPChars and attributes in the various types of message boxes, prompts, etc.3. Stack overflow error when an array contains more than 250 elements (which causes the shipping macro MacroManager to stop, at least in X7).See also thread [Report acknowledged bugs in PerfectScript here]( on WordPerfect Universe, started in 2002 and currently having 110 posts.**Suggestions for new features (some of which are possible using macros):**1. Officialize undocumented commands (e.g., SortArray) and style parameters (e.g., CoachMessage, EditChangeCallbacks!, FocusCallbacks!, SelectChangeCallbakcs!). In the case of parameters like EditChangeCallbacks!, make sure that they can be used as much in the Dialog Editor as in hard-coded dialogs. After all, Corel itself is using them in its shipping macros KeystrokeMenu and Favorites Launcher.2. Built-in commands for progress bars in dialogs.3. Tabbed pages.4. Commands to reset search parameters, exit substructures.5. Commands to execute a certain number of steps on a selection when no search is involved (cf. the MarkBlock and UnmarkBlock procedures that came in a library with WP for DOS 6.0).6. Make it possible to read the contents of formatting codes that currently only return a number when the cursor is next to them (Subdoc, Index, ParaNum).7. Provide ?LeftCode and ?RightCode numbers matching any code that is either an appearance or a size attribute.8. Give on the macro toolbar (and as buttons that can be added to any toolbar) readouts for the ?LeftCode/?RightCode and ?LeftChar/?RightChar values for what stands next to the cursor.9. Possibility of passing several search strings at once, for instance like SearchString (StrgToLookFor: aArray[]), which could correspond to aArray[] := {"one"; "two"; "three"}. Searching for multiples should also be possible in a document as well.10. Offer a replacement for **SendKeys**, which stopped working several years ago following a major change in Windows. Solutions have been found, but they are exceedingly complex and cumbersome.11. Make it easy to access and control all elements of any dialog box (this was possible in the macro language for the WP6 for DOS).12. Make it possible to store in an array complex codes that contain information, such as [Index], by copying and pasting them into a specific location, so as to be able to paste them into a document from the array, e.g., Type (Text: aArray[vCount; 1]).

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