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WordPerfect Office Ideas Portal
Created by Product Operations
Created on Nov 2, 2021

Expansion of find and replace capabilities and regular expressions

Word Perfect's Find and Replace module is in great need of expansion. Here are a few suggestions:1. Possibility of searching for letters, numbers, punctuations, and various combinations of such.2. Adding regular expressions (as in Microsoft Word) would be a great help to those to do complex editing. RegExp, as they are also called, are available in Adobe Dreamweaver, and they can be stored as short text files for later recall. They have the potential for being long and complex, which makes them difficult to recreate. Regular expressions should also be available in searched made in macros.3. Make it easier to search for a specific style, which searches for both initial and closing instances when contained in a [Para Style]; furthermore, such searches are not sticky and have to be painfully entered anew each time. Furthermore, enlarge the "Find Style" dialog so that the "Find style:" drop-down list can contain more than four elements.4. Make it easy to change, add, or delete appearance/size attributes.5. Enlarge the dialog box (which has never been larger than 9 x 4.5 cm) to make more options immediately available.

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