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Consistent marginspecification across applications

Please see the attached file. Are you telling me that Corel won't accept a wpd file. Incomprehensible!
Guest 6 months ago in  0

Ability to translate to other languages (i.e. Spanish)

After composing in English, press a button to tell program to translate to a specific language.
Guest 6 months ago in  0

Replace the BDE

Replace the Borland Database Engine (formerly IDAPI) with a database engine that is actively developed or switch to using ODBC and/or ADO. Paradox is great for saving snapshot data from a SQL database (remote or local). However, BDE fails to re...
Mark Weiland 6 months ago in  0

Suggestions: On sorting

When sorting a table, option to ignore header row. (Word has this)When sorting a list or table ignore leading article.
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

WordPerfect for Mac PLEASE!!!

I loved Word Perfect as my writing software on Mac. It is far far far superior to Word ( or it was back then— hope it still is) Please develop WP for Mac ASAP! Many writer friends of mine feel the same way. Thank you.
Product Operations 10 months ago in  1

WINE/CrossOver Office Compatibility

Any interest in Linux compatibility? I was able to run Win WP12 for a while in Linux with Cross Over Office, but recent updates have stopped further use. It's probably too much to hope for a Linux version of WordPerfect. BTW I and some other hardy...
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Regular expressions in Find and Replace

I may have made this suggestion earlier but cannot find it. Adding regular expressions (regex or regexp) making it possible to search for patterns, as in Word, would be an immense improvement for writers, one that alone would justify updating. I c...
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Add visual tags for indexed words

It would be nice it the document window showed a customizable tag (light dotted underline, light colour, etc.) for words that have an Index code next to them. It would help knowing what is indexed and what not without having to open Reveal Codes.
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Allow for relative URL in Hyperlink (for publishing as a PDF)

Hyperlinks now work only with absolute URLs, which requires editing of hyperlinks whenever the documents are moved to a different server or to a different location on the same server. PDF documents support relative URLs, but not as created by Word...
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0

Make WP File look utility more easily accessible

I use WP File Look ALL THE TIME. It used to be available as a separate little utility that we could put on our desktop. Now, it is buried in the about WP window and you have to know how to access it, which a support tech showed me. It would be gre...
Product Operations 10 months ago in  0